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Orisa Treasures

Orisa Treasures

Looking for information and tools to help with your spiritual journey? Look no further! Each month we will highlight the Orisa energy for that month and provide information and tools to assist with starting or enhancing your spiritual practice......all in one place. 

Each Treasure is hand-crafted utilizing ingredients relative to the corresponding Orisa energy. All items are infused with healing reiki energy.


Included monthly:

  • Intentional soap infused with herbs & fragrance,
  • Intentional candle infused with herbs and crystal,
  • Orisa information,
  • Monthly ritual
  • Additional items related to monthly Orisa.
  • Initial orders receive an Orisa Treasures journal and pen to document your journey.
  • Domestic shipping included! Please allow up to 5 business days for shipping. Treasures are made to order.


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