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Blessing Way Candles (Small 12 ct.)

Blessing Way Candles (Small 12 ct.)

SKU: BWC-0695847-02

Hand crafted, hand-poured, crystal containing, Reiki infused intentional blessing way candles for the support system of the expectant mother (these candles are under a separate listing). The 5 oz. candles for the expecting mother's support system have crystals included to aid in their sending loving, positive energy to the mother & child. The candles for the support system are infused with vanilla to induce relaxation and promote a positive mood while sending loving energy to the mother and child. The candle is also infused with Eucalyptus herbs to assist with keeping energy levels high.  I will create custom labels to attach to the candles for each order. Candles can be purchased in sets of 6 or 12 candles.

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